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Important Tips to Self Pack Your Goods for International Shipping


If you live or stay in the USA and want to move to other places in other country, you need to consider self pack international shipping for more affordable cost and same day air freight courier. In fact, international self pack moving is one of the most favorite ways in transferring goods from the USA to some other countries.

This can be more affordable because you don’t need to make the company you work with to send your goods pack your goods. Most companies provide this service and if you don’t take it, this means that you save more money.

However, you should also consider the consequences. Unlike if you make the company pack your goods and they will take care of your goods, when you pack by yourself, you are responsible with any damages that probably happen to your goods. The loading and unloading process of the package is completely on your responsibility.

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If the package is destroyed, you will be sorry, unless you are on insurance. Thus, the responsibility is on the insurer. In fact, self pack international shipping is mostly taken by someone who is under insurance. They pack the good by themselves to reduce the cost offered by the company because they don’t use the packaging service.

You may already understand that international shipping company does not take the package weight into consideration. The costs are calculated based on the space that the package takes and the distance where the package will be delivered. This means that small heavy stuff gives you more affordable cost than the huge but lightweight stuff. This needs your skill in packaging the goods to make it not take too much space of the cargo.

You need to also be alerted with the fact that difficult to reach ports or places will result higher cost offered by the shipping company.

One thing that is very important if you pack your package by yourself is that you must add detail information about what is inside the package. The company should know well what kinds of goods that you will deliver so that they will be more careful in serving the package. Let them know what your goods are and they will know where they should put your package inside the container.

Finally, it is the time for you to compare one company to other company. In addition to compare the services that they offer, you need to also take time and safety into account.

Of course, you will need to find one that offers you more affordable cost to deliver your goods.

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